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Need a responsive, hard-working, comfortable compact tractor that makes your job easier? Look no further than the NEW Boomer™ compact tractors from New Holland and Walter G. Coale. They are the ultimate power tool for homeowners, rural lifestylers, landscapers, farmers, golf courses and municipalities in the North Baltimore, Maryland metro and rural areas.


Quiet, fuel-efficient engines give you the power you need for loading, mowing, digging, blowing snow, tilling, and much, much more. You get fast implement response and steering thanks to the high-capacity, dual-pump hydraulic system. Call Walter G Coale today and let's talk about your compact tractor needs.


The sloped hood of Boomer tractors not only looks great, it makes your job easier with phenomenal forward visibility. Your view is enhanced with a lighting package that’s the best in the business, illuminating your work area to both front and side to make you more productive and safe when operating in the early or late hours of the day... At Walter G Coale we're here to serve you during the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm, contact us today and let us show you how we can make your life easier with a compact tractor that fits your every work need.

These are some of the competitive equipment models that New Holland beats and exceeds in quality and price.

2017 John Deere 1023E 2017 Kubota BX1870-1
2017 John Deere 1025R 2017 Kubota BX2370-1
2017 John Deere 1025R TLB 2017 Kubota BX2670-1
2017 John Deere 2025R 2017 Kubota BX25D-1
2017 John Deere 2032R  2017 Kubota B2301
2017 John Deere 2038R 2017 Kubota B2601
2017 John Deere 3025E 2017 Kubota B2650
2017 John Deere 3032E 2017 Kubota B3350
2017 John Deere 3033R 2017 Kubota B3350SU
2017 John Deere 3038E 2017 Kubota B2320
2017 John Deere 3039R 2017 Kubota L3301
2017 John Deere 3046R 2017 Kubota L3901
2017 John Deere 4105 2017 Kubota L4701
2017 John Deere 4044M 2017 Kubota Grand L60
2017 John Deere 4044R  
2017 John Deere 4052M  
2017 John Deere 4052R  
2017 John Deere 4066M  
2017 John Deere 4066R  


The word “easy” defines Boomer tractors. Controls come easily to hand, the seat and steering wheel adjust to match every operator, and the large, uncluttered operating platform gives you plenty of legroom to stretch out. Controls are color-coded and clearly marked so you are confident of your every move. Walter G Coale can make your life easier by placing you with the right equipment. We specialize in meeting your needs.


Whether you need to load mulch, mow the lawn, clear a pasture, dig a trench, till the garden, move snow, clean stalls or install a fence, Boomer tractors are for you. These tractors make it easy to change implements so you can move quickly from job to job. Dozens of matching accessories, implements and attachments to match your needs at Walter G Coale.


At Walter G Coale you can choose your Boomer model, then choose your transmission—a smooth, synchronized gear transmission or a hydrostatic transmission. A 12x12 synchronized shuttle shift (SSS) transmission on smaller models or a 16x16 SSS transmission on larger models makes it easy to find a comfortable speed for any task. The convenient shuttle lever located to the left of the steering wheel makes it easy to move between the synchronized forward and reverse gears. Simply clutch, then move the shuttle lever to change direction. The 3-range hydrostatic transmission makes direction changes even easier with two pedals —one for forward and one for reverse. There’s no clutching or hand shifting required. Plus, you also get the convenience of cruise control to maintain speed with the push of a button.


Your Boomer tractor is designed to get you in and out of tight spots and maneuver easily around obstacles. Four-wheel drive gives you the traction you need to get through rough patches. When the going gets tough, simply step on the differential lock foot pedal and both rear wheels lock together for added traction to get through snow, mud or rough, slippery ground. When your going gets tough, call on Walter G Coale to help get you out of tight spots and maneuver around obstacles in your work load.


Boomer tractors are a snap to maintain. Checkpoints are easy to reach and the flip-up hood gives you complete access to the engine. Boomer tractors give you big-tractor reliability wrapped in a compact, maneuverable package. They’re loaded with features that keep you comfortable while saving you time and money. Dollar for dollar, you’ll find that Boomer tractors are the ultimate value and the only place you'll find value is at Walter G Coale's! When you're up to your eyeballs in chores, let our service department handle your maintenance and service needs!


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