Mahindra Implements

Push More, Pull More and Lift More with Mahindra Implements & Attachments

According to consumer surveys*, Mahindra Tractor Implements, rotary cutters, box scrapers, blades and box blades are the industry’s easiest to bolt on. Built tough to last the lifetime of the tractor, our attachments make your operations and grounds maintenance that much easier. Learn about our complete line of attachments below:

subheader cutter


Max 60" Mid Mower
60" eMax Mid Mount Finish Mower
72" Mid Mount Mower
Max 24 60" Mid Mount Finish
6' Standard Duty Cutter
15HD Flex Cutter
15' Heavy Duty Pull Type Flexwing
SHD RB Cutter
6' & 7' Super Heavy Duty Roundback
MD RB Cutter
6' Medium Heavy Duty Roundback
SD Lift Cutter
Standard Duty Lift Type - 40",
5', 6' & 7'
MD Lift Cutter
5' & 6' Medium Duty Lift Type
HD Lift Cutter
5', 6' & 7' Heavy Duty Lift Type
8HD Lift Cutter
8' Heavy Duty Lift Type Cutter
10HD Pull Cutter
10' Heavy Duty Pull Type Cutter
10HD Lift Cutter
10' Heavy Duty Lift Type Cutter

subheader blade

Box Scrapers / Blades

Offset Blade
5', 6', & 7' Offset Blades
Slider Blade
4', 5', 6', & 7' Slider Blades
(with Tilt)
SD Box Blade
4', 5', 6', 7' & 8'
Standard Box Blades
MD Blade
5', 6', & 7' Medium Duty Blades
with Tilt
HD Box Blade
5', 6', 7' & 8' Heavy Duty
Box Blades
HD Blade
6', 7' & 8' Heavy Duty Blades
SD Blade
4', 5', 6', & 7' Standard Blades

subheader 3pt

3PT Implements

Post Hole Diggers
3 Point Spreader
Pull Type ATV Spreader
3 Pt Spreader
Fertilizer Spreaders
Category 1 & 2 Quick Hitches
Disc Harrows
16x16”, 16x18”, 20x18”, 20x20”,
24x18’, 24x24”
Digger 1
Post Hole Diggers
Finishing Mower
4', 5' & 6' Finishing Mowers
4', 5' & 6' Rotary Tillers
Rear Spear
Mahindra Rear Spear
Landscape Rakes - Standard or
Heavy Duty
SD Boom Pole
Heavy-Duty Boom Pole

Optional Equipment

eMax Snowblower Valve Kit
w/o loader
Heater for Lower Radiator
Hose eMax
Third Function Kit 2538
Mid PTO Kit 2538
Cruise Control Kit
RH Foot Step Kit
Trailer Socket Kit
Auxiliary Exterior Float Valve
Block Heater Assembly 2538
Mechanical Thumb Kit 2538
Second Spool Kit 2538
First Spool Kit 2538
Warn Pro Vantage 4000 LB Winch
Warn Pro Vantage 4500 LB Winch
Warn Pro Vantage 3500 LB Winch
Cab Rear Wiper Kit
Cab Exterior Mirror Kit
Cab Rear Light Kit
Cab Defroster Fan Kit
Cab Warning Beacon Kit
Cab Front Work Light Kit
Cab Heater Kit - Max
Rear Wiper Kit
Rear Wiper Kit mPower
Single Spool Auxiliary Valve Kit 4500
Auxiliary Exterior Float Valve
Diagnostic Tool for Tier IV Engine
Quick Attach Adapter 3500
Quick Attach Adapter 5500
Fourth Spool Kit
Mulch Kit eMax
Snow Blower 64" 3 Pt.
Snow Blower 56" with Electric Chute &
Deflector Kit
Rotary Snow Broom 66" 16 Series
Heavy Duty Snow Blade 72"
Snow Blower 16 Series 66"
Soft Cab
Rotary Snow Broom 60" Max
Rotary Snow Broom 60" eMax
Heavy Duty Snow Blade Max 62"
Heavy Duty Snow Blade 62"
Snow Blower 56" Light Commercial Max
Snow Blower eMax 56"
Snow Blower Max 3 pt 56"
Quick Attach Adapter 85
Quick Attach Adapter 75
Third Spool Kit mPower2
Third Spool Kit mPower1
Second Spool Auxiliary Valve Kit 3500
Block Heater Assembly Max 26
Third Function Diverter Valve Kit
Second Spool Auxiliary Valve Kit
Second Spool Auxiliary Valve Kit
Third Function Auxiliary Valve Kit
Front Weight Bracket
Third Spool Kit
Rear Wiper Kit
Flex Link Kit
Third Spool Kit
Third Function Kit
Second Spool Kit
First Spool Kit
Single Spool Auxiliary Valve Kit
Third Function Diverter Valve Kit
Ballast Box, 10'
Block Heater Assembly
Mulch Kit
Single Spool Auxiliary Valve Kit
Mid PTO Kit
Street Pad Kit
Mulch Kit
Auxiliary Valve Kit
Block Heater Assembly Max
Mulch Kit
Single Spool Auxiliary Valve Kit
Quick Attach
Quick Attach Adapters
Grill Guard
Grille Guard
Small Grapple 1
Small Grapple
Large Grapple
Large Grapple
Rock Bucket
Rock Bucket
Land Leveler
Land Leveler
Trailer Mover
Mover Spear
Trailer Mover / Bale Spear Combo
Mahindra Potato Plow
Quick Attach 1
Quick Attach Adapters
Round Bale Double Spear
Mahindra Round Bale
Double Spear
Bale Fork
Mahindra Bale Fork
Round Bale Single Spear
Mahindra Round Bale Single Spear
Front Spear
Mahindra Front Bale Spear
Pallet Fork
Mahindra Pallet Fork
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